Why Learn EFT

why-learn-englishI think I have made a good case for learning to become competent at EFT but I wanted to go into it a little more deeply.

There are times when you will run into thing, both in yourself and in others, that are very resistant, maybe downright unmovable.

The fact is, sometimes you simply have to bring relief.

Remember that in Inner Reconciliation, we are simply following the energy. We have no agenda whatsoever. That means that sometimes the energy isn’t ready or willing to reconcile. Or perhaps the person’s beliefs or fears are so strong that there is no way in.

In that case, just bring what ever relief from suffering you can and move on.

There is magic in this. Without having an objective, combined with a physical communication of safety, you may see the resistance vaporize before your eyes.

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1Why Is Knowing EFT Important

Why Learn EFT
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