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tapppOK let’s do it now.

In this section I am going to do EFT, in the MasterHEART way, on a wide varied of common issues.

I will be going for the big issues here: not being enough, not being lovable, not having value and the such like.

In a video series like this, being general is necessary. But don’t let the generality fool you.

Energy is very adept at finding that which needs healing and freeing. So I urge you. If something in specific comes up, pause the video and follow that energy where it may lead.

I assure you it will be worth the detour.

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1Tap... Tap... Tap...
2I'm Not Enough
3Tapping on I'm Not Enough
4Valueless & Worthless
5Tapping on I'm Worthless
6I'm Not Lovable
7Tapping on I'm Not Lovable
8Fear of the Future
9Tapping on Fear of the Future
10Fear of Lack
11Tapping on Fear of Lack
12The Belief in Lack
13Tapping on the Belief in Lack
14I'm Not Safe
15Tapping on I'm Not Safe
16Working with Vows
17Tapping on Vows
18A Word to the Wise

Tap… Tap… Tap…
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