Engaging the Body

Who doesn’t like to be touched? It is a rare, and always highly traumatized individual, who does not want to be touched.

Establishing a place of safety is the number one step in all emotional healing. And, if I were to sum up, in one sentence, why I recommend EFT, and actually insist on it as part of the Inner Reconciliation training, it would be this.

Touch can communicate safety, to the nervous system, far more effectively than words.

MasterHEART EFT is different. But remember, Inner Reconciliation is not a technique, it is a context. It is a framework of understanding, with the energy of the Peacemaker… Love!

To have at your disposal, a technique that can quickly alleviate symptoms, will serve you well. Especially if you continue on to facilitator training.

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1Engaging the Body

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