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The experience of Oneness (which so many of us seek) is so much more immediate and accessible than you ever dreamed.

In fact, that is the whole reason (and only reason) it seems distant and esoteric and elusive.

It’s not because it is distant. It is because it is so close.

“OMG!!! This is freakin’ AMAZING! If the Oneness Experience were a movie, then we would be hearing Oscar buzz. I AM the Oneness that I seek! Yep GP, you kind of out did yourself on this one and I am only half way through. Thank you and Namaste.”
~ Ethel Jackson
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oneness exOneness is all around us. It is only our conditioned beliefs that make us see separation where there isn’t any. Yes, it is just like that.

We are not really seeking Oneness because we are already that. So, what we are seeking is the insight to piece through the layers of belief about oneness, and realize its ever presence.
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2Completed Am I One? A Meditation
3Completed Can Two Become One?
4Completed Finding the Boundary
5Completed No Separation
6Completed The Experience of Conflict
7Completed The Origin of Separation
8Completed The Emergence of the "I"
9Completed The Elusive Quiet Mind
10Completed Focus on Direct Experience
11Completed What You Seek Is Always Here
12Completed The Real I Needs No Fixing
13Completed Let the "I" Sink Into the Heart
14Completed What If That Thought Never Occurred To You?
15Completed There Is Only One "I"
16Completed Bonus Meditation - Coming Home To Oneness

The Oneness Experience
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