Meditation Immersion Day 4

[accessally_has_any_tag tag_id=’377′ comment=’Meditation_Immersion_Has_Access’] Meditation is the Ultimate Medicine, the ultimate therapy.

That is not its primary purpose but it is the inevitable outcome.


Because meditation goes to the root of all ailments, physical, emotional and psychological and reveals that they have a common source, a deep spiritual disconnection with your self.

Having a common source means that they also have a common solution and meditation, combined with Inner Reconciliation, provides just that.

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It is over 2 hours long and we didn’t want you to have to go through the whole thing at once or have to remember where you left off. So we made some nice break points for you.

Click the play button next to any section to play it. The video begins playing below.

1Completed Introduction and Welcome
2Completed The Atmosphere of Prayer
3Completed Meditation Without Boundaries
4Completed The Light at the Center
5Completed Meditation as Therapy
6Completed Getting Unstuck from Pain
7Completed Welcoming the Difficult Material
8Completed I Just Want To Go Home
9Completed Harmonizing With Your Body
10Completed Infinite Sky Immersion
11Completed Closing Meditation

Meditation Immersion Day 4
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