Meditation Immersion Day 2

[accessally_has_any_tag tag_id=’377′ comment=’Meditation_Immersion_Has_Access’] On the first day we visited and hung out in the place that was free of intention, a place of pure allowing, pure being. But there is more.

The intent of meditation is not to sit around chanting OM all day. Life goes on. Experiences continues to happen. The flow of sensations, thoughts and emotions is unending.

Desires, fears, worries, ambitions, creativity, aspiration, love all continue to emerge. Which begs the question:
  • Is meditation merely an escape from life… or
  • Is it an embracing of life in its fullness
The answer is the latter.

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It is over 2 hours long and we didn’t want you to have to go through the whole thing at once or have to remember where you left off. So we made some nice break points for you.

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1Completed Being with Experience
2Completed Meditation & Inner Reconciliation
3Completed Meditation on Desires
4Completed Can Inner Focus Lead to Obsession?
5Completed Benefits of Different Practices
6Completed Mantras
7Completed The Heart & Soul of Meditation
8Completed Reconciling with Yearning
9Completed Good Days Bad Days
10Completed The Weirdest Stuff Can Happen
11Completed Desires, Presence & Pure Consciousness

Meditation Immersion Day 2

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