Meditation Immersion Day 1

[accessally_has_any_tag tag_id=’377′ comment=’Meditation_Immersion_Has_Access’] Meditation is way more than just a technique or personal development adjunct. It is a doorway to the truth of your being.

While bears the beautiful fruit of more calmness, freedom from stress and distraction, more poise and equanimity, that is not its primary purpose.

Unfortunately, most of the western versions have diluted it true power and limited it potential.

As we teach in Inner Reconciliation, the cause of all human misery is INNER CONFLICT. At the heart of inner conflict is ignorance. The ignorance of our true nature.

Correct that and every other problem or difficulty just melts into insignificance and eventually simply disappears.

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Your Course Progress

We have provided a progress bar and checkboxes to help you keep track of your progress through the workshop.

It is over 2 hours long and we didn’t want you to have to go through the whole thing at once or have to remember where you left off. So we made some nice break points for you.

Click the play button next to any section to play it. The video begins playing below.

1Completed Introduction & Welcome
2Completed What Is Meditation?
3Completed The MasterHeart Approach
4Completed Media, Conditioning, Desire & Lack
5Completed Experiencing without a Story
6Completed Happiness & Contentment
7Completed Off the Cushion in Everyday Life
8Completed Continuing To Immerse

Meditation Immersion Day 1

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