7 Eyes of Abundance

lens seeing the world The Energy System of the Chakras are way more than pretty, swirling vortexes of light. They are Aspects of Consciousness. They are, quite literally, the eyes through which you see

In this set of guided meditations, we explore a single subject, money, and look at it through the lens of each of your 7 Chakras. In the process, you will not only be clearing the resistant energy that has created the blocks towards greater wealth and abundance. We will also be allowing ourselves to truly appreciate the wonder that is the the human energy system.

This are also includes 2 additional meditations. One for Self-Acceptance and Anchoring the Energy. [accessally_missing_any_tag tag_id=’46’ comment=’7_Eyes_Of_Abundance_Meditations_Has_Access’] [accessally_order_form offer_id=’63’ allow_coupon=’yes’] [/accessally_missing_any_tag] [accessally_has_any_tag tag_id=’46’ comment=’7_Eyes_Of_Abundance_Meditations_Has_Access’]
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