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Broken-Landscape_smlWe have been taught that we were broken, incomplete, flawed, imperfect, lacking, not quite right (the list goes on) right from the get go.

It was taught as an absolute truth by those who believed it to be an absolute truth- and those are the most convincing teachers.

In this introductory workshop I am going to show you why that generations-old assumption is absolutely false. It just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

When we begin to understand exactly how the human nervous system functions, the reality of how it gets programmed, and how it is actually functioning, the perfection of it and you becomes obvious.

Enjoy this introductory course and enjoy discovering your inherent wholeness.

Your Course Progress

We have provided a progress bar and checkboxes to help you keep track of your progress through the workshop.

It is almost 2 hours long and we didn’t want you to have to go through the whole thing at once or have to remember where you left off. So we made some nice break points for you.

Click the play button next to any section to play it. The video begins playing below.

1Completed Introduction The Original Trauma
2Completed Your Life Expresses an Underlying Assumption
3Completed You Are Not Your Conditioning
4Completed It Has All Just Happened
5Completed The Emergence of Identity
6Completed Self Rejection Just More Conditioning
7Completed The Endgame Is Original Innocence
8Completed Happiness and Peace Are the Signs
9Completed Do We Need To Know the Cause?
10Completed A Reconciling Meditation
11Completed A Loving Presence To the Uncomfortable
12Completed You Really Are NOT Broken

You’re NOT Broken
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