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The next step is to dive in more thoroughly into the entire process of Inner Reconciliation, with the intention of becoming its master. To be the master of your inner world is the point and to that end we have created 3 more intensive trainings. I hope you will join me in The Inner Reconciliation Primary Course – The Miracle of Intentional Manifestation and we can walk together towards unbounded freedom and unconditional happiness.

Join me now for an introduction to the Primary Course.

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The Yoga of Allowing is the beginning of a total inner transformation. In this brief course you have actually encountered and experienced the most dramatic shift a human being can make. Namely, moving from resistance to allowing.

now what This is no small thing because, as I hope I have made totally clear to you, resistance is the cause of all human suffering.

This Yoga, starting with Inviting, moving through Inquiring and finally experiencing Integration is the posture that leads to full Inner Reconciliation.

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