YOA Part 4 – Integrate

[accessally_has_any_tag tag_id=’91’ comment=’IR_Yoga_of_Allowing_Has_Access’]The final step on this amazing journey is actually the easiest. Why? Because there isn’t much to do. It happens all by itself.

integratonWhen the water comes out of the mountain, does it need a GPS to find the ocean? No, it knows where to go.

Your energy system is made of that same, infinitely intelligent substance. It just knows where to go and what to do. Why? Because it is simply its nature.

Remember that all of our problems and misery were caused by NOT being who we really are.

Being who you are is the most natural and normal thing you can do. Once the artificial conditions, that twisted you and your inner world out of shape are removed, who you really are is free to express itself.

The migration from defensive posture to expressive posture, happens automatically.

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2Deepen the Experience
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