YOA Part 2 – Invite

[accessally_has_any_tag tag_id=’91’ comment=’IR_Yoga_of_Allowing_Has_Access’]Let me ask you a question. Are you more inclined to cooperate if someone invites you to participate or demands that you do? Answer is obvious.

It doesn’t even matter if it is something you really want. Something about being forced or coerced that just makes us dig in our heels.
Do you really think your inner world of feeling and conditioned patterns is any different? it’s not.

What we have found in Inner Reconciliation is, when you invite your energy system to reveal itself, giving it full permission to feel whatever it is feeling, taking whatever stand it believes it needs to take and not judging it or attempting to coerce it, even for its own good, it responds positively. It wants to cooperate with you but it won’t if it feels threatened.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of our personal development techniques, however well intended, actually are an attempt to force your nervous system into making a change it is simply not comfortable making. The Invitation, extended in the spirit of reconciliation, is so kind and unaggressive that is is almost always met with relaxation and cooperation.

Just discover this for yourself as you sink increasingly deeply into the spirit of inner cooperation and self-acceptance.

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