YOA Part 1 – Intro

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Inner Reconciliation is not intellectual. it is not a psychological, emotional or even a spiritual system. Everything taught here needs to be verified, by you, directly through your own experience.

dancing-on-waterThere are plenty of teachers and systems out there that will be happy to tell you what is what. But precious few invite you to find out for yourself.

Inner Reconciliation is different.

Rather than asserting something to be true and asking you to accept it, it offers an invitation to go deep within your own feelings and self-verify your experience. The real gain is not knowledge, but a confidence in your own authority.

Let’s face it, we have all be trained to defer to others. To accept truth as doled out by experts and leaders. But it only takes a cursory glance to see that all that knowledge has not been such a great benefit to humanity.

It is time that we reclaim our own innate authority and enjoy the wonderful freedom of simply trusting ourselves; our innate wisdom, discernment and goodness..

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