9 The Heart of Truth

The heart is the essence, the most primary, the starting point, the pure, undiluted truth of anything.

You can’t have heart without truth or truth without heart. It is the essence of non dual reality.

The main substance of this, the last section in Level 3, is a look at one of the greatest sutras of all time. . It was so named because it contains, in its mere 35 stanzas, the essence and source of all the Buddhas teaching.

I wanted to finish Level 3 with the deepest insights I could possibly give you. That is the Heart Sutra. There is no need for you to have any prior knowledge of it, or any understanding of Buddhism. Because, as you will see, it applies equally to Inner Reconciliation.

This unparalleled work is not just the heart of Buddhism. It is the heart of Inner Reconciliation as well.
The Entirety of the Heart of Truth
Unlike other videos, I have not divided this one up. It is meant to be digested in any way you see fit. Watch all the way through or stop it anywhere where you feel you want to take a moment and digest what is said.

1Completed The Heart of Truth

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