6.5 3rd Immersion – Being You In Everyday Life

And so the most common question I get arises, “How do I live this?”

Well you don’t! The question itself arises from the notion that this imaginary “I” is now becoming awakened and has to figure out a strategy to live as it really is.

You don’t need a strategy because you ARE life!
I am encouraging you to forget all the ideas you have about living and just live! And for that, there is no how!

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3Completed Focus on the Believer Not the Beliefs
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8Completed My Soul and the Self
9Completed The Body's Destiny Is Not Your Desitny
10Completed Science and Non Duality
11Completed Can You Hold the Awakening?
12Completed The Flashlight of Attention

3rd Immersion – Being You In Everyday Life
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