6.4 2nd Immersion – The Beautiful Story of “I”

You already know that the “I” we most often live our lives as, is not really the “I” you are. But the habit of thinking and acting like the imaginary “I” is strong and pervasive. Not to mention that most of the world believes itself to be that.

But why do I call it “beautiful” if it is false and the cause of misery? But, that is where you are mistaken.

The imaginary “I is not the cause of suffering. The BELIEF in it is the cause of all misery!

When the belief in it has gone (and that can happen right this second and, in fact, for everyone in this course, has already happened) you can enjoy the play of identities. Moreover you will find, that even they are released from bondage and take on a new character and power.

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3Completed Consciousness Is Not In the Body
4Completed Where the "I" Came From
5Completed The Seed of Freedom
6Completed The Emergence of the "I"
7Completed You Are the Source of Everything
8Completed How Beliefs Stabilize Conflict
9Completed Awareness Is Aware of Itself
10Completed Freedom Is the Big Goal
11Completed Goals and Inner Reconciliation
12Completed Being with the True Presence

2nd Immersion – The Beautiful Story of “I”
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