5.6 The Eyes of Innocence

My journey began with the discovery of innocence and flowed through some very strange channels to end up here. But it all makes sense somehow.

If we are going to truly find ourselves unbroken and whole, we have to see through how the belief in being broken functions. And perceptions are that mechanism.

The images we hold are always representational and never the truth. Moreover, everyone is convinced that their image, and all that goes with it, is the correct one. Chaos and conflict inevitably follow.

The significance of understanding perception cannot be over emphasized. It is, quite literally, shaping the world we walk in. Your personal world and the the other one, the big one. The one we all share.

The only remedy lies in the heart. It lies in our capacity to see perceptions as perceptions, untrustworthy and changing and to anchor our happiness and love in that which does not change. That original innocence from which we all emerged.

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The Eyes of Innocence
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