3 The New Meditation

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4009323_origMeditation takes on a whole new meaning as you begin to consider it as the Light at the Center.

Remember, I never said that life just stops happening when you begin to realize who you really are.

The mature spiritual heart is actively engaged in the process of letting a while new Self take over and run the entire system. Old habits need to be unseated and replaced. All the conditioned patterns need to be seen through and dropped from the system. The Storyteller’s version of you gives way to the Real You!

Meditation will continue to play a role in that for some time to come. I fact, it will probably not only continue to play a key role, it will undoubtedly deepen and become so natural, you will be sore pressed to know when you are not meditating. But the energy behind it will be completely different.

Meditating as the Self rather than meditating to realize the Self

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I don’t just want you to take the course. I want you to finish it and prosper!

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