2.3 Your Final Model

a3585231294_10We must make models to learn:
  • Sometimes the models are chars and graphs
  • Sometimes stories and myths
  • Sometimes they are notes on a page
  • Sometimes they are mathematical
  • Sometimes they are made of plastic or wood
  • Sometime they are made only of thought
But whatever form they take, all models become unnecessary when the thing being modeled is present:
  • Do you need a boat once you have crossed the lake?
  • Do you need the train when you arrive at the station?
  • Do you need a picture of your beloved when you are in their arms?
Even the model of the Harmonious Human and the process of Inner Reconciliation must give way to the direct experience of the Self.

Does that mean you will never reference a model again?
  • For others, absolutely… all the time
  • For yourself, increasingly the answer will be, no
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Your Final Model
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