2.1 Building the Bridge

bridgeAll the models that I employ in the teaching of Inner Reconciliation are just models! (I have been saying that from the beginning).

Every model has a lifespan.

Suppose you are going to visit some exotic place in China:
  • You take an Uber to the airport
  • You change planes in Frankfurt
  • You end your air travel in Peking
  • You take a train to some rural town
  • You take a rickshaw to the hotel
Now, do you bring the Uber with you on the plane… or the plane on the train… or the train in the rickshaw… or the rickshaw into your hotel room?

You simply leave the vehicle behind. You don’t need it anymore. It has served its purpose. You have arrived. In fact, if you tried to hold on to it, it would keep you from making it to the end.

One of the biggest mistakes people make, that impedes their full spiritual development, is holding on to a model that has outlived its purpose. This is as big a mistake as the idea that you are broken. THAT’S BIG!

And every model, including Inner Reconciliation, is eventually outlived!

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Building the Bridge
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