1.4 The Story of Jumping Mouse

Before you think that story has no place, let me share this with you. Stories can convey truth like nothing else.

There is a story I learned about, very early in my spiritual journey. In fact, I heard this story, for the first, fime, just months after my experience on the bridge. From the first time I heard it, it hit me so hard that I could recite it almost verbatim ever since.

It is the Story of Jumping Mouse. It is a story so old, so lost in antiquity, that its origin remains unknown. It has appeared in several traditions of the Native Americans of the North American Plains.

I decided to share it with you, since it illustrates in this one story the entire wheel of the 10 phases. I hope you will see that what this story and the wheel indicates is not an overlay to your life, but a representation of it.

I gave this talk at a meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council a couple of years back. It touched all of them as much as it did me.

I have not broken this up because I want you to take this in in one sitting. So make sure you have a hour to devote to it. Feel free to share this with loved ones and friends (not giving them access to the site of course) but with them. Make it communal. That is, of course, the way stories were shared for thousands of years.

Enjoy the Story of Jumping Mouse.

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