1 The Real Story

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Real-Stories-logo-300x258So the version of your life and identity have turned out to be a very elaborate fiction.

  • So is there no truth to my life?
  • Is it void of meaning?
  • It is just a random series of events?
  • Is everything just made up?
  • Is there no purpose to any of this?

There is a real story going on here. But it is a story that is completely unknown to the Storyteller.

In fact, it isn’t a story at all. It is the actual script your life is following. Actually, make that, all your lives are following.


During the week I will be sending out emails to clarify, encourage and keep you motivated.

I don’t just want you to take the course. I want you to finish it and prosper!

I have added all those emails here so that you can refer back to them as you desire.

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