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These courses are designed to take you step by step through the process that leads to mastery of Inner Reconciliation and to a higher sense of wellbeing For that reason, we drip out the material over time. So, when you have completed Level 2, Level 3 will automatically open up. You can go as fast or a slowly as you like but we recommend that you take your time. This is a training that requires immersion. [/accessally_missing_any_tag] [/accessally_has_any_tag] [accessally_has_any_tag tag_id=’136′ comment=’Inner_Reconciliation_Level_3_Section_1_Has_Access’]

This nifty progress bar will keep track of your progress through the entire program. There are also progress bars on each of the sections to guide you through each. This happens automatically as you check off each of the objectives in the module itself.


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It is time for you to go all the way and delve into the secrets that lie behind all the work we have been doing in Inner Reconciliation.

Level 3 moves beyond even the healing and restoring aspects of Inner Reconciliation, and even beyond the experience of wholeness, into the realm of the deepest self-exploration. The origin of everything.

You have heard me mentioning the Light at the Center. I have been purposely teasing you, I have to admit. the truth is, if I had just gone there, right from the get go and not first prepared you by reconciling and deconstructing the Storyteller, you wouldn’t have had any idea what I was talking about.

But now, you have been prepared so, let’s press on.
Welcome to Level 3
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