6 Engaging the Body

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release-energy-from-bodyThe body is way more than we think it is.

In fact, our ideas about the body have not only subjected us to barbaric, primitive treatments, they have severely limited (an in some cases shut down) our capacity for self-expression.

Energy Healing is the umbrella term I use for addressing the most fundamental aspect of that human instrument, the penultimate of all experience.

There are many modalities in energy healing these days. And most people actually know several. Energy psychology has become a thing and is gaining momentum.

The technique that I focus on, and the only one that I teach and include in Inner Reconciliation, is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It was the first and, to my mind, the best. It is kind of energy healing for the rest of us.

Take the time to learn it. As you go through this section it will become increasing clear as to why I include it and how much it will server you. Especially if you decide to continue on and train as a Certified Facilitator of Inner Reconciliation.


During the week I will be sending out emails to clarify, encourage and keep you motivated.

I don’t just want you to take the course. I want you to finish it and prosper!

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