5.1 Introduction

treeoflifeReconciliation is an art, not a science, a technique or a process… just like life

May people start down this path of Inner Reconciliation, expecting it to be like so many other self-help programs. When it is first experienced, it is recognized that it is different, but it isn’t clear as to what that difference it.

Then, when they set out to learn it, they feel a little lost. There is no set formula, no step-by-step process, no master technique, none of the usual things one gets when studying a “course”

  • Can you find a formula to make an orchid bloom?
  • Can you learn a step-by-step process to coax the river to flow to the ocean?
  • Can you master a technique to make a first kiss taste sweeter?

Inner Reconciliation practice is the art of life, the art of the Tao, the art of the Great Way.

We are not masters of life, we are eternal students of life. It is in this humble recognition of what is, that true master is to be found. It is here that the power to create your masterpiece, is discovered and embraced.

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