4.8 Intentional Triggering




Oftentimes we think our energy is clear when, in fact, the state inside us, that is just lying dormant, is simply waiting for the right event to trigger it.

In order to truly clear our energy, to fully reconcile the inner conflict, the triggering of all aspects of a subject must happen.

To put it bluntly, get used to it.

At first, it seems hard. But trust me on this, after a while you will look forward to it.

You see when you are triggered is the only time you can really reconcile. You can’t reconcile with a thought of something. You will only get the thought of reconciliation. But when your nervous system is doing back-flips and instead of just getting swept away with the programmed behavior the trigger invokes, you create the safest space in which that can happen.

That is when the miracles occur.

Take your time going through these exercises. And I encourage you to make up your own.

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