3.9 Experience Follows Belief

follow-the-leaderThis is a video I made for general public on YouTube but it seems particularly relevant here so I have included it.

What you experience is always a function of what you belief. The Creator, constantly projecting images, is projecting whatever is the dominant belief.

Now remember, the term belief is really energetic assumptions. Deep convictions that were there long before we had language and even longer before there was any ability to reason or participate in the assumptions that were flowing into and emerging from the energy system.

One of the key beliefs, that is universally accepted, that is the biggest obstacle to creation is the idea that what we are experiencing is fixed, solid and primary. It is none of those. Experience is porous, flexible, soft and totally subject to the content of our hearts and minds.

You may also enjoy the old hairstyle and beard.

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Experience Follows Belief
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