3.7 A Single Word

brainThis is a Simple Thought I wrote a while back and it has become one of my most popular ones.

So I decided that I would record it and add some music so it could be listened to as well as read. Then I decided to add a nice picture to it and create a video.

It’s import becomes move evident as this discussion of the Creator progresses.

A Single Word
A single word can change everything
A harsh word can end a lifetime relationship
A sweet word can create one
An angry word can destroy a life’s work
A kind word can undo a mountain of hostility
An unyielding word can start a war
A reconciling word can prevent one
Every word creates the world into which you are about to step
At that moment, all other options are lost
The trajectory is set
There is no going back
Consequence ripples endlessly into the future
And no other future is possible
All with a word
“In the beginning was the Word”
The fool speaks for the moment
The Sage speaks for eternity
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A Single Word
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