1.6 Invite, Inquire, Integrate

IR Vol 1 9x6 Man in the MiddleIn this section we are going to review the 3 main sections of Level 1 and “up level” them so that we understand them more deeply.

I have adopted the term yoga to express the real flavor of those 3 aspects of Inner Reconciliation. Yoga is a beautiful word that means union or unifying. That is the spirit of Inner Reconciliation.

In yoga you find the term asanas, which is the Sanskrit word for the postures taken during the practice. As you have already found from Level 1, Inner Reconciliation is an inner posture, the position of the Peacemaker, a place of non-judgement and acceptance that allows for the harmonizing or unifying of even the most polar opposites.

So the 3 aspects in Level 1 have evolved

  • Invite – The Yoga of Allowing
  • Inquire – The Yoga of Wisdom
  • Integrate – The Yoga of Not 2
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Invite, Inquire, Integrate
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