1.3 Look Closer

Cover 2The history of Inner Reconciliation is really my own personal history.

I really was quite an unlikely candidate for becoming a spiritual teacher. At least, on the surface. But my particular experience as a child and as I grew into a man made the search for an antidote to suffering and misery ore than a theoretical or intellectual pursuit.

Life has the most extraordinary way of preparing and revealing one’s destiny. And it is impossible to argue with the inherent wisdom of life and all of the experiences we have.

Of course, we argue all the time when we are in the middle of it. We tend to seek the easy path and are a bit miffed when things get a bit hard. But it really is the hard lessons that make us grow. Eventually, we turn back and look at all that has happened, where we started and where we arriveand we say “It was worth it!”

The story of “Look Closer” is divided into 4 parts. The video is subdivided so you can look at each separately. the audio is a single recording of all 4 sections.

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Look Closer – Rendezvous on the Bridge of Innocence
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