5.3 Inner Reconciliation and EFT

EFT MasterHeart Mona LisaThe Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a very powerful, effective and gentle modality.

I use it quite a bit in Inner Reconciliation and I teach others to use it as well. It is a requirement in the Inner Reconciliation Certified Facilitator Training and for many reasons.

But… as I point out in this video, Inner Reconciliation is about transformation, not merely relieving symptoms.

If you understand that, you will find EFT to be a really remarkable tool and you will understand why it actually does work so well.

But EFT. like all other healing modalities, is focused on relief and healing. Inner Reconciliation, while embracing relief and healing focuses on inner transformation.

While Inner reconciliation is quite therapeutic, it origin and destiny are purely spiritual.

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Inner Reconciliation and EFT
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