3.7 Harmonious Human Conclusion

lost_with_map“The map is not the territory” ~ Zen Saying

There is more to the Harmonious Human model (and you get that in subsequent levels), but what is important to get at this point is, it is only a model.

All teaching is based on models. And so no teaching can be taken as absolute. They are all provisional, temporary, a means to an end. They are a map. Not the territory.

You wouldn’t watch a few videos on YouTube of the Great Wall of China and believe you have really visited The Great Wall, would you? Of course, not. It is only a representation.

Now it is time for you to explore the actual territory. And where is that? Well, YOU are the territory being explored.

So use this model to turn inward and thoroughly imbibe and explore this wondrous inner world that you have been blessed with.

I assure you, gold and precious gems await you.

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Harmonious Human Conclusion
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