3.6 Feeling the Chakras

shamanic-tranceThe Chakras don’t actually live in the body. With the exception of the Tribe (which IS the body), they are non-physical energy.

The 1st Chakra or the Tribe is the vibration of the physical universe. Moreover, it is made of the same mysterious substance as the all the others.

So, while the other 6 don’t actually exist within the body, they are felt in the body, in the part of the body that corresponds to what  you normally see in the model of the Chakras.

The body is a very sensitive instrument. And since it is made of the same substance as the rest of the Chakras (that is, consciousness) it is sensitive too all the others.

This sensitivity is what caused people to believe that they actually existed within the body. A reasonable mistake.

But, since it is felt there, it is allows us to interpret the source of the distressed energy. The Harmonious Human model is then, a reliable map to the inner, subtle territory.

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Feeling the Chakras
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