3.4 The Nymph

Waterhouse_Hylas_and_the_Nymphs_Manchester_Art_Gallery_1896.15Life is felt, not thought.

The Nymph represents the juice of life, the pleasure, the fun, all of the things that serve no purpose other than their own enjoyment.

Desire is life and nothing exists without it. The wheel of life is the arising of desire and the process of fulfillment.

The greatest joy of life is that fulfillment. The greatest pain in life is an unfulfilled desire.

The Nymph represents both the desires that drive our human existence and our power to receive fully their fulfillment.

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The Nymph
Nymph Assignment

Assignment – Feeding the Nymph

Look around your life and take not of everything that just brings you pleasure. It doesn’t serve any other purpose. It just makes you feel good.

Write it down. Catalog it.

It could be a hot bath, a cappuccino, a cool breeze on your face, a fantasy, a comfortable sweatshirt. Everything that gives you pleasure note it.

The noting of it amplifies it and communicates unambiguously to your nervous system that this is important and we want more of that.

Remember, the Nymph is the juice that will build your dream life.

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