3.3 The Visionary

Reaching for Star --- Image by © Images.com/CORBISHave you ever wondered where our ability to imagine, visualize, plan, envision came from?

We do it so regularly that we don’t realize the super power that it is.

In fact, most people complain that they don’t have a vision for their lives. Many have even forgotten how to dream.

Well, the really good news is that, the Visionary, lives within you. It is inherent in your very nature and cannot be lost.

In this section we are going to explore and reawaken that part of ourselves that can look at a blank canvas and see a picture. Look at an empty lot and see a building or a park. Look at a block of clay and see an elegant piece of pottery.

Look for the class assignment after the video! I have not given any of those before, but understanding the nature of this energy center and reclaiming it, is the secret to getting off of the self-help treadmill.

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The Visionary
Visionary Assignment

Assignment – Feeding the Dreamer

For the next several days I want you to feed  the Visionary.

Write down everything you would like to see in your life. It is highly useful (and recommended) that you carry around a little notebook and write it down. If that isn’t practical then make a voice memo or typed memo on your phone.

If you note it in some way you acknowledge the moment of wanting and give it importance so it is not just a fleeting thought. it becomes a preferred thought and that has attractive power.

And then, if you have the time, take a couple of minutes and imagine yourself with that thing. Imagine how that would feel.

This amplifies it even further.

First Thing In the Morning

  • What do I want my day to be like?
  • What qualities do I want to experience an abundance of today?
  • If you can’t think of anything, or you feel stuck or shutdown here is the simplest affirmation you can use:
  • I am choosing to be happy above all else.
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