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Sub-Personalities-graphicAt first blush the idea of “talking” to your internal voices may seem strange and even schizophrenic.

But it isn’t.

Consider that the body is made of of trillions of cells, each organized into thousands of organs and thousands of functions and processes. This whole thing works together harmoniously as a whole. This is what makes the function of the body and its ability to sustain itself, possible.

The energy of consciousness works exactly the same way. Consciousness has many different aspects, each function independently of the others, but working together to create an integrated whole.

When each aspect of consciousness is freed up to function at its fullest you experience inner harmony and power. When the natural flow of that energy is blocked, you experience discord.

The whole purpose of Inner Reconciliation is to unblock the blocked energy and let it flow. TO unblock it, we have to have a conversation with it. We have to let it express itself.

When we inquire, that is exactly what we are doing. Inviting it to speak its mind and thus begin the process of reconciling with it.

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