2.1 Introduction to Inviting

invitation-mdIt’s such a great word, invite. I mean, after all, don’t we always want to go somewhere where we are welcome?

When our internal energies, our feelings, thoughts and sensations are welcome, they cooperate with us.

When they are resisted, they don’t.

It’s pretty simple really. When someone resists you. Always tells you to go away, or be quiet, or become something or someone else. how do you react?

Not good.

It is this level of inner rejection and resistance that we feel. It is actually a rejection of our own nature.

The antidote? Allowing, welcoming, accepting, loving, accepting.

Evan’s View

For those of you who are new to the MasterHEART Institute. You may not yet know Evan Gregor.

Evan is the most senior of all facilitators of Inner Reconciliation. He is also my business partner in the Institute. I offer him the opportunity to give his insights and experiences in the course as well.

It is always very useful, even enlightening, to have someone other than the creator, chip in.

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Introduction to Inviting
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