Beyond Distraction

Beyond DistractionIt IS possible to go beyond distraction & discomfort and lord knows there is a ton of it these days.

You have chosen to take a big step towards freeing yourself from the incredible bondage that arises from what is a simple misunderstanding.

  • A simple misunderstanding of:
    The nature of thought and feeling
    The nature of conditioning
    The functioning of the nervous system
    The real meaning of concentration and meditation
  • go even further in your Inner Reconciliation training. It is time to deeply imbibe and embody the simple fact that you really are whole and complete and nothing is missing or lacking.

You already have the basics. Now it is time to step into a deeper mastery, greater faith and a more profound understanding of how life really works and your unique and essential role in it.

To do genuine inner work is not only the best thing you can do for yourself, it is the best thing you can do for the world. The effect that honest, awake individuals have on the universal human consciousness is inestimable and will, inevitably lead to the end of suffering and the establishment of peace.

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