1.2 Living Stories

3524373-spring-tree-green-for-your-designYou are the living story!

When an ancient scriptural story is understood in its heart, it stops being a historical account and beomes a metaphor for your own life. It become a light to guide you. It becomes the deepest, living context for understanding your whole life and causing it to make sense.

Why? Because you understand its source. All religious writing has this at their heart. They are here to inform the events of your life. And, in so doing, you see the thread of truth that has been weaving its way through every event and circumstance you have ever experienced.

In this section I will be doing interpretations of famous (and not so famous), well know (and little quoted) stories of the Bible and other traditions if I can and get the request.

There is a section at the bottom for you to make notes to yourself and another section where you can ask questions of me and make requests for other stories you would like to hear a a spiritual view of.

We won’t be tracking this section, because it is constantly growing. However, do check back often and I will notify everyone when a new one is posted.

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