I Am Money Meditation

As I mentioned in the text of the 3rd Chakra. The sense of identity determines the entire range of experience that we have.

We simply won’t do anything that falls outside of who we believe ourselves to be. With this in mind I created this special meditation to allow you to experiment with different ways of looking at things.

At first, the idea of saying something like “I am money” may seem silly. And you might even resist doing it (or not do it at all). I really urge you to try it.

If you feel a sense of resistance (weak or strong) don’t think you have done something wrong. Exactly the opposite is true. You are doing it precisely right.

Don’t fight the resistance, no matter what for it takes. Just watch it. Be present with it. And let the meditation do its work. it was designed to cut through the resistance and bring you to a new level of perception.

The I Am Money Meditation
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