The 2nd Chakra

The 2nd Chakra is the energy of The Nymph

Don’t be put off by the ward. The Nymph was an amazing being in mythology. She symbolizes the great love of nature… ALL NATURE.

Like everything else, our modern world has trivialized everything and reduced it to its most base meaning. The Nymph is the juice of life. In mythology, the Nymphs were the consorts of Pan the God of Nature.

The archetype of the Nymph, which is embodied in your 2nd Chakra, reveals the incredible energy of pleasure and motivations and passion that lies within the being of all of us.

While the Tribe thinks of money as the securing of safety, the Nymph sees money as a means to fun!

Money and the 2nd Chakra
Money and the 2nd Chakra Exercise
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