The 1st Chakra

The 1st Chakra is the energy of The Tribe

So what does money mean to The Tribe? And let’s bring it close still. What did money mean to YOUR Tribe?

There is a basic, universal here. And that is that in every Tribe, in every family, the basic instinct of all human being is to survive.

How that gets implemented is very different. And you experience of that human mandate will be different than anyone else’s. So, for any and all Tribes, money will always refer back to safety and that reference, with determine whether money is something welcome or something shunned.

But don’t be concerned. Whether your Tribe regarded money as a friend or as an enemy is on’y the place you start. You can now transcend any early training and realize the real freedom of choice and wisdom.

Money and the 1st Chakra
Money and the 1st Chakra Exercise
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