The 2nd Chakra

The 2nd Chakra is the energy of The Nymph

Most of what we seek to attract into our lives is generated by the 2nd Chakra. I have called it the Nymph because it is the seat of all desire, physical, mental, emotional nad oftentimes, even spiritual.

The energy of desire appears right in our gut. It seems to push us forward. Indeed it would push us forward constantly were it not for the resistance that arises. that resistance, as you will see, arises primarily from the Tribe.

It is perfectly understandable that the energy of desire, pleasure and fun, would conflict with the rules of the Tribe and its mandate of safety, conformity, obedience and sameness.

Understanding this primary (and totally natural) inner conflict is the key to transcending it and knowing real freedom of expression. It is this freedom of expression that manifests your deep desires. it is the substnace of the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction and the 2nd Chakra
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