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Welcome To The Law of Attraction & The Chakras

On the surface it may seem as though the Chakras and all he las of attraction stuff don’t have much to do with each other. And in fact, if you look at the traditional way both are taught, you would be right. But here at MasterHeart Institute we approach both of these teachings from a very different perspective.

The Chakras represent aspects of consciousness and it is through these aspects of consciousness that we see, experience and interpret everything in our lives.

The law of attraction is a phenomena, an explanation of a simple and observable fact. Our inner state of feeling, tends to have a profound effect on the events we experience everyday.

Since what we feel and believe deeply effect if not downright creates the quality of our experience, and the Chakras represent the consciousness through which all experience is being perceived, the correlation between the two should become profoundly obvious.

Truth is, you can’t separate them. Welcome to the Law of Attraction and the Chakras. [/accessally_has_any_tag]

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