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The Chakras are way more than pretty, swirling vortexes of light. They are Aspects of Consciousness. They are, quite literally, the eyes through which you see.

What exactly do I mean, when I say Aspects of Consciousness?

The human energy system (sometimes called the Energy Body) is not just a single thing. Like the human body, it too is made of several energy organs. Each has its particular function and operates, relatively independent of the others.

Enjoy this introductory course and enjoy discovering the incredible energy of the Chakras, that make up the wholeness of what I call The Harmonious Human.
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We have provided a progress bar and checkboxes to help you keep track of your progress through the workshop.

It is almost 2 hours long and we didn’t want you to have to go through the whole thing at once or have to remember where you left off. So we made some nice break points for you.

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8Completed 6th Chakra
9Completed 7th Chakra
10Completed Final Thoughts

The 7 Eyes of the Soul
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