Inner Reconciliation has universal application. In these Deep Dive Workshops, we delve deeply into subjects that are of critical importance to you personally and to our world in general.   Inner work is more than just improving your life. It improves the lives of all you touch and energetically improves the atmosphere of the entire planet.   These workshops are all housed in the Deep Dive Channel. Use the links below to take you to your class. You should only see classes you have access to.  
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August 2018 Your Inner GPS

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July 2018 Law of Reflection

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May 2018 How To Find Your Soulmate

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April 2018 How To Manifest Anything

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February & March 2018 Unconditional Wealth

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January 2018 Deepening Your Practice

[accessally_has_any_tag tag_id=’418′ comment=’ISIP_1709_DDIVE_Intentional_Creation_Has_Access’] September 2017 – Intentional Creation [/accessally_has_any_tag]

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