Section 5 – Light at the Center



Asking THE Question

The is a new volume that I created exclusively for the 2nd Edition.

Many people had asked the question “What comes next?” What I wanted to do was to give a glimpse into the bigger potential of where this practice of allowing can take you.

Beyond all the advantages, the calm, the poise, the potential for the healing of trauma and pain there lies a deeper mission, a deeper purpose.

The true blessing of all personal development work is to ultimately put that work aside and, instead of trying to improve yourself, take up the most significant question that a human being can ask.

Who Am I?

It is this question that Volume 5 takes up.

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Exercises and Teaching

1Introduction to Light at the Center
2Exercise 1
3Teaching 1
4Exercise 2
5Teaching 2
6Exercise 3
7Teaching 3
8Conclusion to Light at the Center

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