Section 4 – Intentionless Being


Allowing Is Life Itself

While Intentionless Being is an almost impossible idea to ponder, it is rather easy to experience. I mean you have to have an intention even to ponder it, right?

Interestingly enough, Intentionless isn’t even a word, at least, not in English. That is how foreign the idea of living even one moment without having some sort of plan or agenda for it.

That absence of a plan or an agenda or a motive or ambition is exactly what I mean by the term. But it is not something you talk about. it is something you simply experience. Just imagine, all you work is done. You have arrived. Nothing more to do. Nothing more to achieve. You have made the great. You have arrived.

That, right there. That’s it. Intentionless Being or, if you prefer, Just Be!

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1Introduction to Intentionless Being
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5Teaching 2
6Exercise 3
7Teaching 3
8Outro to Intentionless Being

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