1 – Body Awareness

The Doorway To Allowing

I know that all those spiritual teachers tell you to go beyond the body. And the Law of Attraction crowd will tell you that “thoughts are things” and your thinking makes the body sick or well, beautiful or homely, fluid or stiff.

Well that is true, but there is way more to it.

Genuine spiritual teaching does no assert that your body is somehow, a mistake, an impediment or even a punishment. It is not the body we have to overcome. We only need to come to see it for what it really is.

The very energy of the universe.

Once you see it correctly the body becomes an absolute wellspring of wisdom and insight. You find that it takes care of everything without you having to… uh… lift a finger (pardon the pun).

You find that the body is the gateway to life itself, to ALL of Life itself!

So in Just Allow It we start there, with the body and discover that, while the mind is forever in the past or in the future, your body exists in the most wonderful time of all, RIGHT NOW!


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Exercises and Teaching
1Introduction to Body Awareness
2Exercise 1
3Teaching 1
4Exercise 2
5Teaching 2
6Exercise 3
7Teaching 3
8Exercise 4
9Teaching 4
10Exercise 5
11Teaching 5
12Outro to Body Awareness


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