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JAI Minis – Refreshment In 3 Minutes


Over the years I have learned that it is not the time spent in meditation or practice that makes a practice effective, but the focus of attention.

Having taught many, many people to meditate it has become clear that someone can spend hours sitting but only a few moments in meditation. There is, of course, a need to concentrated effort and putting in the time,but it is the focus of attention and earnestness with which someone approaches their practice that is the real catalyst for awakening.

With that in mind I created this series of Just Allow It Mini Meditations, not as a replacement for a practice but as an aid to it.

Use these Mini-Meditations during your regular day: on a break at work, while standing in a line at a store, any time when you are free from external distraction and obligation for just a few minutes.

You will find that the reminder they provide and the calm they invoke will become quite spontaneous. And you will find that calm stillness to increasingly become your natural state.

Extra Allowing Meditations


This collection of meditations happened rather spontaneously over the course of putting together the Just Allow It course.

These appear in some of the original and also more recent videos and i have made them available for download.

Audio Downloads

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